Every sporting fraternity has its own specialties and its identifications. The moment we hear the word Grand Slam we know it is regarding tennis, the Summer Slam and we know it has to do with the WWF, The FA Cup is sure to do with football, and The Ashes has very much to do with the world famous cricket test match between the world’s greatest cricketing rivals Australia and England. So the moment we hear the word Formula 1 or even F 3 we can be well assured that one is talking about car racing.

Formula # Race

Formula 3 or F3 are open wheel racing championship for drivers of the most famous racing sport. This is a sport is held in Australia, Europe, South America and Asia. Only drivers who have the expertise to reach the pinnacle in driving can take part in this race. However, the race is not cheap. It can be said that it is the costliest of sports in the circuit. A seat in the British leg could see one spend four hundred thousand to five hundred thousand dollars. Imagine all this in just one year’s racing. Those who have great command behind the wheel move ahead into the senior formula racing or the F 2 racing. formula-1-racing-car

The British F 3 is the most famous of theraces among the world’s racing series. It is said that a win in this race can capitulate a driver’s fortune into the top racing tracks. There is no other racing series that has seen so many Grand Prix winners taking part. In addition to the national races, F 3 is also known for championship races. These events help to spread this sport because of its thrill and interest all over the world.

The thrill is All So overpowering

Motorsport is more of a recreational sport but surely it is a race pressure for the drivers. When one is watching theses sports on the television or if possible one will feel the adrenalin rushing through one’s veins. Just imagine what it will be if one is sitting on the hot seat of the driver. Surprising the expert drivers say that the races for them are not so stressful as compared to the amount of travelling they do around the world without the proper rest and an overpowerifeng schedule.

The disadvantages in the Asian circuit

There is also another problem that the drivers face. uppose a grand prix race is held in an Asian country like Singapore begins at eight pm while in Europe it is usually at 2 pm. Since most of the drivers are from the European countries this can be quite a challenge for them.  One thing that drivers must ensure is that there should be no light in the room and they should tell the hotel staff and housekeeping not to wake them up early.

Besides the time zone difference, there is another problem that one has to face in the Asian circuit and that is the heat. The humidity really takes out the stamina from the best driver on the circuit.

Formula Racing—Racing at Top speed